Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Everyone Does It

It's finals week.

Now, if I were gutsy/I thought people would like it, I would leave it at that. However, I lack the gumption to be that poetic.

Two things happen during finals week:

1. I say really stupid things.


2. I do really stupid things.

To address the first point:

Finals week is not only emotionally exhausting, it is the reason I will have wrinkles on my face as an old maid. I'M OH SO SURE OF IT. During this week you happen to see every single person you have ever met. A great week to trip over your own words, I know.

Upon seeing someone in the library, I went over to hug him. He says, "You look nice, considering it's Wednesday of finals week." Not only does it take me a while to get a response out, I mumble,

"Uhh, yeah but I'm wearing a sports bra."

Finals Week FTW.

Moving on to the second point:

Upon arriving at my apartment complex to sit in my car and talk on the phone, I catch a glimpse of a brave finals-week warrior. I look in my rear view mirror only to spot a young lad strip down naked and lap the parking lot. I nearly had an aneurysm in my car from laughing so hard. I then realize that my car, is in fact, NOT sound proof. Upon exiting my vehicle the naked gentleman shouts across the complex, "Hey! You calm down over there. *wink*..."

Now, my normal self would have concocted a witty reply. My normal self would have smiled and maybe laughed. My normal self was clearly somewhere else as I lowered my head and walked straight through a mud pit in order to avoid eye contact.

NOW, this is the part everyone does. Walking away I thought of SO MANY things to say!

Here's my best one.

"Put some clothes on and we'll call it a deal."

Finals Week FTW.