Monday, December 3, 2012

This is Why I'm Hott

When you have one of those days where
  • (hypothetically) every ex you've ever had tries to contact you via every media platform ever available
  • (hypothetically) your refrigerator breaks, 
  • AND (hypothetically) your ice cream melts while you're at school preventing you from drowning your (hypothetical) ex-ridden sorrows with miniature Blue Bell ice cream cups
then, the way I see it, you have two (hypothetical) options:

1. Eat all 24 cookies from the pre-mixed and pre-sliced Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie package. (Well 20 cookies and 4 cookie dough squares).


2. Sweat it out like a bad a** in the gym.

On a scale from 1 cookie to 10 cookies, this (hypothetical) situation calls for a 20 cookie remedy.

HOWEVER, today, yes, Monday, December 3, 2012, I chose to be a bad a**.

Remarkable I know.

I, previously, made a totally awesome playlist to accommodate my (so far) 24 hour/lifestyle change.

Songs among this playlist:
  • "You Need Me, I Don't Need You" by Ed Sheeran
  • "I Knew You Were Trouble" by T Swift
  • "Dirt Road Anthem" by Jason Aldean
  • "The Way I Live" by Baby Bash
  • AND "This is Why I'm Hot" by Mims
So I'm rocking out to "This is Why I'm Hot" on the elliptical, thinking of recipes involving ice cream soup, when I realize I'm running with the beat and and bobbing my head in an obnoxious I-think-I'm-the-coolest-person-ever way.

I look out the window and a gentleman just stood there looking through the window for no reason, at all. Obviously, this startled (or terrified) me and long story short...

I fell off the elliptical tangled in my earphones. The earphones, then, ripped out of the top of my iPhone and "This is Why I'm Hot" started blaring in the exercise room.

Needless to say, I received a couple head-nods from treadmill-guy, and stationary-bike guy, I assume only for my song choice.

Thank goodness for good-humored people.