Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Losing my mind.



I know?! How did I survive? It was really a close call.

No one I know would disagree that having a phone is important. (Nearly as important as most limbs on our bodies) How else would I beat my top score in Bubble Breaker? Or kick my friends' butts at Scramble With Friends? Or what if someone texts me and I don't respond!?!

Don't lie, we all have a similar inner dialogue when we lose our phone.

We start calmly searching. "Dang it, where did I put my phone? I know it's around here somewhere... Maybe I left it in my car... Okay... maybe its in the couch cushions... Okay, not under any of the furniture..."

Then, the panic sets in! "OH MY GOD, I left it at the restaurant/school/(any public place)"
*Call the restaurant*
"OH GOD THEY DON'T HAVE IT, SOMEONE STOLE IT. I'M GONNA HAVE TO BUY A NEW PHONE! I can't afford that, I need to buy clothes and drinks!!!"

*Look under all the furniture, again*

"oh... there it is."

I am extremely glad to have it reattached. It is a vital limb. I certainly would not care to make my pilgrimage to Norman, Oklahoma on Thursday without it. It would make reuniting with all my college friends difficult.

I feel weird saying "my college friends". In may, they were just "my friends". Now the situation requires the "college" qualifier in order to distinguish them from "my grad school friends".

Fancy, I know. (also, slightly pretentious, which is exciting)