Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Thanks a heap coyote ugly. This cactus-gram stings worse than your abandonment."

I can't decide which part of this week was the most perplexing.

People wearing Ugg Boots with Nike shorts...


The Valentine's Day Frenzy.

Furry Boots in the Sun
If your feet are cold, how are your knees not cold? That's a medical marvel in itself.
It would be interesting to meet someone with cold feet in 85 degree weather (29 degrees celcius for my followers in the UK). A series of questions would follow:
  • When you wear pants, do your knees overheat?
  • At what temperature do you draw the line? 90 (32) degrees? 100 (37) degrees?
  • If your feet are this cold in warm weather, what do you wear in the winter?

Valentines or Destitution?
Every girl has a ritual on Valentine's Day. Whether you are seeing someone or if you are not, it's merely a reason to eat chocolate. Here's the ritual a friend from high school and I had until we went off to college:
  1. Bags and bags and bags of sweethearts. We would bite them in half to simulate a broken heart and then squish them with our teeth. We showed each one who is boss.
  2. Multiple flavors of chips and dip (perhaps where my quest began?).
  3. An array of "chick flicks". One specifically pertaining to each girl.
  4. Lastly, which one of us has the biggest reason to be angry at love? Thus, which one of us gets to eat the most chocolate?
This Valentine's day seemed a little different. I must disclose that I am on the other side of the fence this year. The grass is not all that greener on the other side. All the expectations get in the way. A boquet of flowers turns into a cactus-gram with the wrong expectations.

Seeing as the Atlantic Ocean has thwarted me once again, I watched a total of 5 movies on February 14th (my half birthday): Juno, Titanic (speaking of the Atlantic ocean), Enchanted, What a Girls Wants, and Pride and Prejudice.

What have I learned this Valentine's Day week:
  • Unborn babies have fingernails.
  • Never get on a ship that doesn't have enough life boats.
  • Life is not a fairytale, unless you act like it is.
  • If you have never met your dad, he could be a famous politician in England.
  • If you use a DVD more than 50 times, Kiera Knightly's voice skips in almost every scene.