Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pepperoni Pizza Betrayal

It's no secret that I thoroughly enjoy Little Caesar's Pizza. 5 dollars and ready to go. There are very few things in life designed to be so immediately satisfying.

So delicious.

I do love me some LC Pepperoni Pizza and crazy bread. However, the franchise BETRAYED ME.

Yes, the entire franchise betrayed me.

Here is the story:

I'm hanging out with my cousin doing homework. For the purposes of this story we will define homework as the study of Goldfish, Diet Dr. Pepper, and watching Friends on DVD.

We decide to get food to accompany our homework and naturally we choose Little Caesar's. Upon our visit, the employee behind the counter was in training to run the cash register.

The trainer looked at me and then nudged the trainee and said, "soon you will know the regulars. Like this girl, she comes in all the time and gets a large pepperoni pizza."

She sold me out! Isn't there an expectation of discretion amongst the secret society of pepperoni pizza lovers?

Does she not take an oath? "I will never exploit the pepperoni pizza sized wholes in the stomachs of my customers by disclosing the number of times my parlor is frequented by them."

Now, I could tell you I am genuinely disturbed by this employee's lack of courtesy but I found the whole situation to be rather hilarious. Mostly the look on my cousin's face when I glanced at her wide eyed and shrugged my shoulders.


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